The Five-Point Plan

Leadership 2025 commissioned Altair, a strategic Housing and Regeneration consultancy, to undertake an independent review of the state of black and minority ethnic (BME) leadership representation in the social housing sector, once in 2017 and again in 2019.

‘The Altair Review’, published in 2017 detailed a Five-Point plan for improving the diversity of leadership.  ‘Leadership 2025 Diversity in the Sector’, published in 2019, added supplementary messages for each of the five points to support clear and effective implementation.

The Altair Review (2017)

Download the report here

In response to its findings, the report outlines The Five-Point plan that organisations can adopt to improve the diversity of their leadership teams.

The Five Point Plan:

  • Report annually on key diversity statistics
  • Set Aspirational targets
  • Interview more diverse pools of candidates
  • Develop the Leadership pipeline
  • Lead by example

More detailed explanations and insights around each point of the plan can be found on pages 9 and 10 of the report.

Leadership 2025 Diversity in the Sector (2019)

Download the report here

As part of this second study, the report provided five key messages to supplement the five-point plan.

Supplementary messages for the five point plan:

  • Make data collection, aspiration setting and reporting meaningful
  • Don’t tick boxes. The objective should be an intrinsic part of the culture of an organisation
  • Diversity should be a leadership wide mandate. Not just the responsibility of the CEO or HR Director
  • Use targeted Talent Development Programmes
  • Include Diversity Standards in formal governance and regulation

Diversity Champions

Diversity champions are organisations who adopt the Five-Point Plan. To read more about our current Diversity Champions and how you can register to become one, click here:

Diversity Champions